Friday, January 25, 2008

PETA Launches Aircraft Rescue

PETA (Pilots for the Ethical Treatment of Aircoupes) activists (not seen in photo, below) swarmed around this Montana roadhouse chanting, "Free the Coupe!" and "Coupes are human, too!" until the club owner threatened to chase them off with his Navion. "This isn't over yet," PETA person-of-spokes, Delmar Nopheet, said to reporters as he chained himself to a Univair catalog. "Ever since that article came out magazine (he refused to utter its name), Coupes have been the target of malicious and unwarranted smears. We even found a Coupe," he struggled to choke back tears, "being used as a wind Tee! A wind Tee! Don't people realize that Coupe pilots don't need to know which way the wind blows? Have they no shame? Has this country run completely out of Tomahawks?"
The editorial staff at Hangar Flying Theater was shocked and/or awed to learn of these abuses and challenges our readers to help PETA: Save The Coupes (STC). The time to act is now, before more of these adorable little two-seaters can be snatched from hangars and impaled on posts or used for who knows what nefarious purposes. So, don't call Congress. Don't call AOPA. Instead, slap a Save The Coupes banner over your Dennis Kuspinach For President 08 bumber sticker and proclaim yourself a PETA supporter. And whenever you encounter a Coupe being misused, mocked or just poorly mounted over someone's diner, bowling alley or brothel, take a photo and send it to us. We'll make sure it gets the treatment it deserves. Because if we don't Save The Coupes today, they could come for your Musketeer tomorrow.
PETA is not associated with the other PETA, its affiliates or the unleavened bread of the same sounding name.

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