Saturday, January 26, 2008

PETA Rescue Widens

Ercoupe Abuse Reaches Toward Oshkosh

One can only imagine the horror...the horror that veteran PETA volunteer, Brent Taylor, experience when he discovered yet another Ercoupe mounted in dying duck pose atop this strip mall in the very heart of EAA country, Oshkosh, Wi. *
"Oh, the humanity," Taylor cried over his cellphone to our news desk shortly after taking the photo. "I tried to liberate the poor thing, to set it free...but it was Tuesday, and the line next door for half-price tacos was forming fast, so I had to leave it."
It's that cusp of dedication to the Save The Coupes cause that drives us all to find, photograph and defend--if time allows--the Ercoupe heritage.
When contacted for comment, the owner of the Shell station--or someone we assumed was the owner--said, "I don't know how it got there. You know how them Coupes are; they just fly into sparrows on sliding glass doors."
* The mounted Coupe is actually in Wautoma, Wi, as a sharp-eyed reader noted, which is 40 miles west of EAA's heart, Oshkosh.
© PETA: Pilots for the Ethical Treatment of Aircoupes (yeah, that should be PFTETOA, but that's hard to pronounce...but, then, again, so is Ercoupe.
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